Discover some of our favorite spots!

Lisbon’s art scene is ever expanding and this month we encourage you to discover some of our favorite spots that are around the corner from Doorm.

– Galeria Zé dos Bois:  You have everything under the same roof of this 18th century palace. Check out their exhibit on Cuban Posters this month and check their listing for their summer film screenings on their site:


Carpe Diem: Founded in 2009 this space is a platform for research and experimentation in the contemporary art. The space is worth the visit and if you’re interested in contemporary art this place is right up your alley.

Have you seen the mural on the wall of the cultural pole in front of Doorm? Its one of Vhil’s first works. If you are interested in discovering more of Lisbon’s street art take advantage of our Wi-Fi and check out Underdog’s website. There you will discover a city map full of Lisbon’s most vibrant public art locations that you can check out while in Lisbon.

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