The best international cuisine that Lisbon has to offer!

Our first suggestion is  “Mezze” a wonderful project that opened this year in Lisbon in the Mercado de Arroios  in which Syrian refugees that had come to Portugal were integrated into this project and they opened our first Syrian restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is to share several plates and from what we heard you shouldn’t miss trying: manish za’atar (Syrian Bread, 1,50€), a shorbet adas (lentil soup, 3,50€) or  a kibbeh (fried meat patties with spices, 1,50€).

In our second suggestion we invite you to try some of the best Asian cuisine that Lisbon has to offer. A blend of Vietnamese, Thai it also dabbles in Korean, Filipino, Chinese and Malaysian. Sound confusing? In truth its not and it makes you want to try everything on the menu. Our suggestion is to order several dishes and share everything!

Mezze – Cozinha do Médio Oriente

Address: R. Ângela Pinto 22/23, 1900-067 Lisboa

Phone: 21 249 4788


Address: Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 30, 1200-108

Phone: 919 023 030

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