Elevador de Santa Justa . Baixa

Rua do Ouro
1150-060 Lisboa

38° 42' 43.67'' N | 9° 8' 21.95'' W

. Santa Maria Maior

Largo da Sé,
1100-585 Lisboa

38° 42' 35.67'' N | 9° 8' 2.47'' W

Praça do Comércio . Baixa

Once again we recommend that you stop by Museu da Cerveja and try a Pastel de Bacalhau with Queijo da Serra. Its definitely one for the books.

Praça do Comércio,
1100-053 Lisboa

38° 42' 31.20'' N | 9° 8' 11.37'' W

Torre de Belém . Belém

Av. Brasília,
1400-038 Lisboa

38° 41' 33.12'' N | 9° 12' 56.94'' W

Padrão dos Descobrimentos . Belém

Av. Brasília,
1400-038 Lisboa

38° 41' 33.12'' N | 9° 12' 56.94'' W

Museums and Theatres

Gulbenkian . Lisbon

CAM is the modern art museum which is constantly exhibiting not only some of the best contemporary Portuguese artists but there are also interesting exhibits on the other side of the garden at the Gulbenkian Foundation. Gulbenkian also has an extensive music line up which is one of the best in the city but tickets are usually more expensive extensive and hard to come by.

Avenida Berna 45,
1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 44' 18.94'' N | 9° 9' 15.47'' W

Museu do Oriente . Lisbon

Beautiful space where you can fully understand Portuguese history in Asia.

Avenida Brasília Doca de Alcântara Norte,
1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 8.50'' N | 9° 10' 6.28'' W

Teatro São Luiz . Lisbon

One of the City´s Municipal Theaters there is a constant stream of programing that you can check out from theater to music and dance. Plus there are student and group discounts.

Rua António Maria Cardoso 38,
1200-484 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 32.16'' N | 9° 8' 32.99'' W

MUDE . Baixa

Design Museum in Baixa.

Rua Augusta 24,
1100-053 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 32.61'' N | 9° 8' 12.97'' W

CCB . Belém

Free entry. Also worth checking out their theater and concerts program.

Praça do Império,
1400-206 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 41' 49.33'' N | 9° 12' 24.81'' W

Teatro Maria Matos . Lisboa

One of the cities municipal theaters you have all kinds of performances that range from theater, dance to music. Multi-lingual. Definitely worth seeing what they are up to. There are also student and group discounts.

Avenida Frei Miguel Contreiras 52,
1700-213 Lisboa

38° 44' 45.42'' N | 9° 8' 19.48'' W

Night Life

Chinese Pavilion . Principe Real

In Principe Real area you should check out the Chinese Pavilion which has an amazing collection of EVERYTHING and a pool table where many have spent countless hours playing pool. This place is a staple in the ever changing Principe Real area.

Rua Dom Pedro V 89,
1250-093 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 56.80'' N | 9° 8' 48.28'' W

Lux . Lisbon

LUX is still by far the best place to go out and dance! Three floors each with their own DJ you'll without a shadow of a doubt find one that fits your style.

Av. Infante Dom Henrique,
1950-376 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 44' 39.15'' N | 9° 6' 5.07'' W

Pensão Amor . Lisbon

No matter what time it is there is always something going on at Pensão Amor. A former brothel that was converted into a bar you'll also find one of the cities best cocktails right here.

Rua Alecrim 19,
1200-161 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 26.10'' N | 9° 8' 36.73'' W

Music Box . Cais Sodré

Rua Nova do Carvalho 24,
1200-292 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 25.81'' N | 9° 8' 36.21'' W

Bica . Bica

Bica street doesn´t only have the the elevator! It is also a popular location to get a drink any night of the week.

Travessa do Cabral,
1200 Lisboa

38° 42' 33.71'' N | 9° 8' 46.06'' W


Ramiro . Lisbon

The "Cervejaria" and the perfect place to have seafood. It´s the place to have seafood and desert is a "prego" which is a steak sandwich you´ll never forget. Its not going to be the cheapest place you´ll eat in Lisbon but its going to be one of the best meal you´ll have in the city.

Av. Almirante Reis nº1 - H,
1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 43' 14.44'' N | 9° 8' 7.85'' W

Pastéis de Belém . Belém

Don't be intimidated by the lines it has been open since 1837 and has legendary custard pastries.

Rua Belém 84,
1300-469 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 41' 50.76'' N | 9° 12' 11.50'' W

Confeitaria Nacional . Lisbon

Great place for coffee, tea and cake.

Praça da Figueira 18B,
1100-241 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 47.47'' N | 9° 8' 16.61'' W

Honorato Hamburgueres Artesanais . Lisbon

It used to be just one and now there are at least 3. Big, juicy, messy, delicious burgers. This one is closest to you and in the original neighborhood, Principe Real.

Largo Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro 12,
1200-205 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 43' 20.11'' N | 9° 8' 21.61'' W

Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal . Lisbon

Only open at lunch time, the canteen serves excellent macrobiotic food at excellent prices.

Rua Anchieta 5,
1200-023 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 35.68'' N | 9° 8' 27.81'' W

Restaurante das Flores . Lisbon

Another great typical "tasca". Good Portuguese food. Great prices.

Rua das Flores 76,
1100, Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 33.17'' N | 9° 8' 36.64'' W


A Fábrica dos Chapéus . Chiado/Bairro Alto

The place to find the perfect hat for you.

Avenida de Roma 48B,
1700-117 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 44' 51.55'' N | 9° 8' 26.82'' W

Luvaria Ulisses . Chiado/Bairro Alto

Founded in 1925 this tiny store sells only gloves and in a "must" even if it is only to check out the craftmanship.

Rua do Carmo 87,
1200 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 45.08'' N | 9° 8' 22.70'' W

Casa das Velas do Loreto . Chiado/Bairro Alto

1900's candle store.

Rua do Loreto 53-55,
1200-241 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 38.14'' N | 9° 8' 41.65'' W

A Vida Portuguesa . Chiado/Bairro Alto

Sometimes its not all that easy to find cute, quality made in Portugal products. Here you find everything from to the amazing claus porto soap, to the minhoto gold earings. the very best of made in Portugal products. Un-miss able.

Rua Anchieta 11,
1200-227 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 36.05'' N | 9° 8' 27.86'' W

Ourivesaria Aliança . Chiado/Bairro Alto

Art Deco Jewelry Store.

Rua Garrett 50,
1200 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 38.79'' N | 9° 8' 26.81'' W

Vista Alegre . Chiado/Bairro Alto

The most prestigious Portuguese porcelain company.

Largo do Chiado 20-23,
1200-108 Lisboa

38° 42' 38.16'' N | 9° 8' 31.38'' W


Senhora do Monte . Bairro Alto

One of the best spots to check out Lisbon because its one of the highest "miradouros" in the city. There is a small church impeccably restored. Worth checking out.

Rua da Senhora do Monte
1170-112 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 43' 8.44'' N | 9° 7' 57.57'' W

São Pedro de Alcântara . Bairro Alto

Next to the Elevador da Glória, this is a landscaped terrace with busts of historical figures, a fountain, and kiosk cafés from where you may sit and admire the beauty of the city, looking over all of downtown towards the castle and the river.

Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara
1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 55.14'' N | 9° 8' 39.40'' W

Stª Catarina . Bairro Alto

Right up the street from Doorm. Adamastor (as its known to locals) has one of the best views in the city.

Rua de Santa Catarina,
1200-109 Lisboa

38° 42' 43.37'' N | 9° 8' 51.69'' W S. PEDRO DE ALCÂNTARA . BAIRRO ALTO

Walking Around

Lx Factory . Lx Factory

LX Factory is a group of abandoned 19th century warehouses and factories which is now Lisbons biggest hub of creativity, mainly an office space there are however several shops, restaurants and cafés worth checking out. Regular events like "Open Day," with exhibitions, music, and other activities happen on a regular basis and every Sunday there´s an open-air market of a variety of products, from second-hand articles to original crafts.

Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103
1300 Lisboa, Portugal

38° 42' 1.49'' N | 9° 10' 30.85'' W

Príncipe Real . Príncipe Real

Príncipe Real which is on the other side of the hill from Doorm and is the latest up and coming area which is perfect for walking around and shopping, with a series of new small boutiques and stores. Here all you have to do is wander down Rua da Politecnica / Rua D. Pedro V where there are several designer stores and more accessibly priced stores. There are two shopping warehouses worth checking out which have several "made in Portugal" gear. Tell A Story, which is a mobile book store with translated Portuguese literature is usually parked in the garden. You also have 2 kiosks on either side of the park which are perfect for an expresso or a beer. On Saturday you have a biological market which is an excellent place for grocery shopping.

38° 43' 12.09'' N | 9° 8' 46.96'' W

Chiado / Bairro Alto . Chiado / Bairro Alto

The Chiado / Bairro Alto area has several stores which are well known (Zara, H&M, FNAC) however we want to make sure you check out the less obvious ones... A Vida Portuguesa is the perfect place to find souvenirs and traditional Portuguese EVERYTHING from canned sardines, toothpaste to retro-postcards they have it. A Fabrica dos Chapeus has all kinds of head gear that you can imagine and is worth checking out. Then there are a few shops that are considered some of Lisbon most beautiful stores in the area so even if you do not buy anything step inside of: Ourivesaria Aliança, Casa das Velas do Loreto and A Carioca. One is a jewelry shop, the other sells candles and finally the last one is the perfect place to buy coffee and chocolates! Then grab an ice cream at Santini (the lines are worth the wait) and as you head down Rua do Carmo you´ll stumble upon the smallest store with the most perfect gloves you´ll ever see: Luvaria Ulisses.

38° 42' 45.91'' N | 9° 8' 46.66'' W

Baixa / Rossio . Baixa / Rossio

As you head down to the Baixa /Rossio area check out Retrosaria Bijou, it´s a small store with drawers and boxes filled with buttons, ribbon and trimmings and other nick-nacks that you might need, Want to unleash your inner perfumier? Check out Perfumaria Alceste, It is filled with bottles of homemade cologne and fragrances so you can mix and match your own. While your exploring this area stop by the stop by the Conservaria de Lisboa, a delight filled with everything you can imagine that fits into a can. Next stop is Confeitaria National where you can have their famous Bolo Rei (Portuguese upgraded version of English Fruit Cake) and on your way to Rossio have a Ginginha a typical licor next to Chapeleiria Azededo where in the 20s everyone would buy their hats.

41° 5' 3.36'' N | 8° 6' 44.31'' W