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Discover some of our favorite spots!

Lisbon’s art scene is ever expanding and this month we encourage you to discover some of our favorite spots that are around the corner from Doorm. – Galeria Zé dos Bois:  You have everything under the same roof of this 18th century palace. Check out their exhibit on Cuban Posters this month and check their […]

Arts & Culture

Music Festivals

July and Music Festivals go hand in hand like butter and toast or fruit and wine. Or if your Portuguese like beer and “termoços”  (also known as lupine seeds if you haven’t tried this you’re missing out!) There are so many its hard to choose just one but here are our favorites: -NOS Alive : […]

Arts & Culture

Several concerts worth checking out!

This month we are highlighting São Luiz Municipal Theater, which is walking distance from DOORM and has several concerts worth checking out this month. Come discover some of our very best musicians that will be playing everything from jazz to pop-rock. Music @ São Luiz: June 2 – 21h DOIS FILIPES, DOIS PIANOS (Two Philips, […]